Guerrilla Event Strategy / Example Roskilde Festival

Guerrilla Event Strategy / Example Roskilde Festival



Event Marketing is not just for big players with a huge budget -  as usual

Experience + creativity = opportunity

  • Create an unforgettable event with a very small budget
  • Impress your clients, partners and members by having the world's top entertainers at your event
  • Reach your goals and position your company within top class brands
  • Participate with strong feedback via social media. Before, during and after the event.
  • We help you define goals, work out the project, manage and execute it down to the last details.

Remember guerrilla marketing?

Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing site simply puts it as “The achievement of conventional goals (e.g. profit) using unconventional methods such as investing energy and ideas instead of money.”

Besides the fact that in many cases it was cheap because not legal, it still works and can be very attractive - but it has to be legal. If you keep this thought for a second and add to it the idea of an event. Voila: That is guerrilla Event Marketing.

A very good example is Festival Marketing.

Experts know that besides producing and sharing relevant content on social media - event marketing is the key to: 

  • spend time with your existing clients, get to know them & vice versa
  • invite them to enjoy a great experience, combined with a party & a festive atmosphere
  • expand your base of customers and bring new leads on board.

Step 1: How to pirate an event?

Don't worry. We do not suggest you smuggle your guests into another event and motivate them to steal loads of canapes and run off with bottles of champagne. Legally "pirated" events are what we are talking about. Meaning you are participating with your group at another event - and you are not just accepted but very welcome. We are talking about large events that are becoming more and more interested in having "business" clients as well. Your guests will sit in the "VIP lounge at Roskilde Festival".

Step 2: What kind of Event? Example: Roskilde Festival

Backstage area in Roskilde Festival is a perfect example for guerrilla-event marketing.

Screenshot 2017-03-12 16.46.37.png


Step 3: Your goals

Define your goals as good as possible. Let´s use some examples here:

  • you want to get your staff and your customers to get to know each other and bond
  • existing customers shall feel recognized by this treat
  • new customers shall be eager to come on board to this "special day" and in the future 
  • your brand is positioned together with the country´s most prestigious brands.

Step 4:  The concept

You are inviting your guests for a full day and evening to spend with you in the backstage area at Roskilde Festival. Including free bar and food.

As we are talking "backstage" you cover a few "cons" right from the beginning.

  • clients who don't want to "jump around in the mud" - can be sure that this is exactly what is not happening - except they want (the later the evening - the bigger the chances). But whenever you want to sit down in a relaxed environment zipping on a cold beer (Carlsberg is producing a very special "Festival Brew")  backstage 
  • your guests are enjoying several bars and restaurant offers, walk around, go over the Festival, enjoy music on several stages
  • your entertainment consists of the world's most famous artists. There are not many companies who can say they had such a line up (actually we don´t know any)
  • food & beverage is on the highest possible level. RF decided some years ago in order to continue to attract  the visitors who made that festival to what it is today, Food & Beverage has to get a rework. Clever minds decided to create a food court - where even Copenhagens star restaurants are participating . This means a great deal for Festival lovers who are above 25 years old.
  • Extra merchandise articles like T-shirts, cup holders, flash lights, rain boots (very funny, not costly and, hey - what can be a better way to show you are prepared) can add another layer...


Step 5: The Event

When your guests arrive, they will be welcomed by the organizers themselves : Festival Legends. 

A very good sample itinerary could be:

  • what is a welcome without a welcome drink (and a short welcome speech)
  • short walk over the backstage area, introduction of the main key players
  • a few snacks and drinks
  • a walked tour over the festival area (several stages), listening to different artists
  • back to the backstage area - Dinner (do not rush this one)
  • walk to the "main" performance of the evening 
  • make a base in the backstage area where you can take time to chat, introduce, listen and make sure everyone has a great time
  • After the evening finishes we have a shuttle bus, leaving from a marked parking space (our festival staff will guide the clients to the bus).


Get more information on the Backstage Event - there is a more detailed description of the event.  

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One thing you must know - these tickets are very rare (there is only a very limited number available). This has to do with keeping the backstage area cozy and exclusive.

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