Why there is no meaning left for a classic DMC "old style"

Travel business is changing so fast and the next "big things" are happening already in a few weeks. And this since over 35 years - as long as I have been in this exciting business. That is why we have changed our approach and turned things upside down.


Over 90% of our customers face exactly the same challenges.
Clients today want you to:

  • come up with some "good ideas" for their next group
  • find something "special"
  • come up with it "really fast"
  • know what you are talking about
  • give them very detailed upfront information in order to make a decision 


So, how did we react on this?

We have been analyzing the interests and spoken to over 1000 clients. Here is what we have learned so far (as we still do):


1. Find the Unicorn

Make sure you find and create products which are special. That can be in several ways. We like products which we can sell almost exclusive - the client simply cannot buy it somewhere else. That also adds to the profile. Or if not exclusive - so something very limited & special. This can start from a special event like Roskilde Festival or a Sport Event to an Opera Performance. It can also be an experience which has to do with your great network and contacts who support your cause.

With that you can surprise your clients with exactly what they are looking for. A product based on a good Idea which is special, you know it - and as we have prepared it in advance you will come up with it very fast.


2. Make it easy to ride the Unicorn

Put yourself in the shoes of the client and you will come up with products which take away the "headaches". Combine exciting events with transportation, accommodation and spice it up with rare elements on the side. Of course this collection of trips we have been choosing is a variety which covers the needs of your customers and we add constantly to this collection. Also important to have offers ready for the different times of the year. 


3. These benefits come in addition which add on value

As we have lets say 30 special products available, we have a great variety of very different concepts. We can help you in tailor making them exactly after the client´s wishes. This is enormous important, as every customer is individual and therefore needs the program exactly in his fit. But still the customers participate in an event - and in many cases there might be other clients doing something very similar. So even if you have a smaller group it will be easy to guarantee the clients that this trip will take place. What is also a nice add on is that on most of this special tours a SETT on site Manager will be overlooking the project. So this is a complete different setup. Very client minded, whilst very efficient.


4. Information is the key to making comfortable decisions

In order to give you an overlook we are constantly producing an event calendar as well as an event planner. Both documents are easy to read and to see what is happening when. In addition we create for each project a detailed documentation a specific digital brochure where you can see all necessary information at a glance. 

Have a look at some of the SPECIAL PRODUCTS

 Special Products Overlook


5. Don't be shy. Let´s talk!

One of the most important element in order that we can work out the best special products for you is communication. We normally do this in small steps. First we talk about the needs for your customers and find out what is the best approach - this first step is the most important one. Not only that we learn exactly what the customers need but also your personal view. This first call-in takes normally just a few minutes. It is important not just exchange this information by email, as the main reason for success is knowing exactly what the client wants (and very often also what he does not want). Also this is saving you lots of time as we avoid misunderstandings and we can be on the point.

Then we will send you the product(s) and agree on a second call-in to go through it, answer questions, but also give you first hand internal information and reasons why this is a good choice for your customer - so you can use this in the communicaiton with your clients.

So don´t be shy and talk to us about some possible special projects / trips / events and try this way of boosting your group travel business. Choose the best day and time here:

 Get in Touch with us






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