Bus Groups

Going on a journey with a group of people is a growing trend. Using a tour bus as a combination of transport and personal comfort can be an interesting business. Let us help!

We know what you need - here are 10 things our Bus Travel Partners like about us:

1. Fast offers and replies to your requests.
Our reservation managers get back to you within 24 hours. We know in many situations a fast offer can be crucial to signing a deal.

A client gives you a request for proposal RFP. That is what you want. You gained his trust and he seems to understand you can give him the service that he needs.

The first chance to prove your quality is to come back with a great offer in short time. Due to our special S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE workflow based IT solution, we are able to get back to you within very short time.

2. Our staff knows the destinations extremely well.
We know what we are talking about. We have been operating for over 29 years.

S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE prides ourselves on knowing our destinations. As we are living and working in our destinations we do not only mean we are acquainted with our destinations geographic details, but are also experts in a broader context.

This knowledge has a different meaning for each segment of clients - what might be important to a group of senior citizens might have no relevance for a school group.

You will almost never see an advertisement from S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE in travel newspapers etc. Instead, we use our marketing budget for familiarization trips and onsite visits where we show our destinations to our customers in order to share the knowledge and help you increase your sales based on intimate knowledge and localized know-how.

3. Free places for drivers and guides for accommodation and catering.
We know that a good free place policy makes it easier for you. Making sure you bring on the necessary staff to service the guests and still make a good price offer is key to success.

4. No booking fees or down payments when bookings are made.
Some of our competitors will ask you to pay a fee or make a down payment when you confirm the booking. They think by doing this they avoid "block bookings".

At S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE we totally disagree. We believe it disencourages clients from making a booking. This is the exact opposite to what we want to achieve!

5. Our offers are simple, clear, easy to read and include everything.
There are no hidden fees; it has always been a priority to us to be able to give simple and easy quotations with all fees included in the rate.

Our hotel contractors are experts in reading and understanding very complicated offers (and it is their responsibility). But even they need help from time to time in legal questions.

And who needs an offer where it says in micro letters that there is no VAT included? You definitely don't want such an offer.

6. The first payment is only due when the free cancellation deadline is reached.
Outstanding balance is only required after departure - let us keep the paperwork to a minimum and consider all last minute changes.

Receiving, checking and handling invoices and all that goes along with it, is a very important part of our business and it takes time. We hate to waste time.

A perfect way of wasting time is to send invoice and credit notes back and forth. Relax, at S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE we don´t. We send you a deposit invoice, which you pay within the agreed time frame.

The "final invoice" is issued when the group has arrived in the destination and all last minute changes are known. This way we save important time and invoicing/controlling projects gets much simpler and easier.

7. Our flexible cancellation conditions are fair and client minded.
Extra rooms on option to the very last minute allow you to optimize your yield management; a high number of our customers say that the conditions can be the make or break for a group.

Of course we all want to be fair partners, particularly when we talk about booking 35 rooms in a hotel. We understand that the supplier needs to know at a certain point if the group is going to materialize or not. But we think that the suppliers also have to take into account that a lot of our business is happening on a short term basis.

Last minute bookings are growing. We make sure you can realize last minute bookings to fill your coach and optimize your yield calculation. Let us help you optimise your profitability.

8. Detailed itineraries, information packs and maps make your trip preparation easy.
Knowing “what, when” and “where” comes in handy when you are on a trip. We send documents with all details, timings, names, addresses, phone numbers, meeting points so that you will be perfectly prepared.

And if anything else comes up - on each info pack our 24/7 telephone hotline will be displayed so that you can always reach us.

Many customers have experienced the difference between getting challenges handled personally with us on the phone or talking to our competitors answering machine on the weekend.

9. Our buying power is your strength.
S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE is consistently producing high volumes with our suppliers. We use this strength of large numbers to achieve pemium rates and conditions.

We are very proud of the good relationships we have with our vendors. A business is only buzzing if all partners see an advantage. Many suppliers have been working with us for over 25 years!

10. S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE is where it happens.
We do not believe in huge offices where all knowledge is concentrated and local knowledge is lost. We believe in diversity.

We can’t be everywhere, but if you take a closer look, we are quite spread out over our destinations; Germany, Berlin, Hamburg, Lübeck, Munich, Dresden, Frankfurt, Kiel, Hannover, Bad Bramstedt, Rügen, Potsdam, Wittenberg, Eisenach. Austria, Salzburg, Wien, Vienna, Innsbruck, Tirol, Hungary, Budapest, Czech Republic, Prague, Plzen and Karlsbad.