FAQ - Marathon Berlin 2020

1/ Steps of Booking

  1. Check out the offers and packages at https://www.s-e-t-t.com/ber-marathon

  2. Find our package and click on "more", choose the rooms and types you want to book

  3. Book and confirm/pay - your start place and hotel room is then 100% guaranteed

  4. After your booking is made/paid, you get a confirmation and your hotel voucher as well as your invoice with your confirmed payment

  5. As from February 2020, you will receive a link to the online form (where you fill in all details the Marathon organizers need to know from you, as well as you can choose your merchandise if you wish)

  6. After your reservation is confirmed, you will have a contact person within our team to help you to ensure you have a tremendous Berlin-Marathon experience.

  7. If you need help with your online booking of the Berlin Marathon Packages please click here


2/ Is S-E-T-T Worldwide an official Partner of the BMW-Berlin Marathon?

Yes, S-E-T-T is an official partner and a fully accredited tour operator for the BMW Berlin marathon. You can look us up on the list and will find us (alphabetical order)




3/ What do I use the hotel voucher for?

When you check-in at the hotel, you have to hand over the voucher to the receptionist to let them know that you have an existing and prepaid

booking. Please note that hotels will ask for a credit card from you to secure any extras. Please note that only what is stated on the voucher is

confirmed and prepaid.


4/ Where do you get your start chip/race material

The organizer committee of the Marathon (SCC) is sending a pdf start registration to all runners at the beginning of September 2020. This PDF and your ID you have to bring to Berlin to pick up your start package. 

You need to pick up your race materials during the period from September 24-26th, 2020, at the BERLIN VITAL Fall Expo 2020. 

The race materials can ONLY be picked up in person at the EXPO BERLIN VITAL

(free entry)!

The Expo BERLIN VITAL Fall will take place at the former Airport

Tempelhof (Platz der Luftbrücke 5, 12101 Berlin)


Opening Hours:

Thursday, September 24, 2020 - 2:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m.

Friday, September 25, 2020 - 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Saturday, September 26, 2020 - 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.



5/ What is included with my race materials?

At the Expo, you will receive:

- your race number

- your athlete wristband (your pass to the starting area)

- safety pins

- a clothing bag filled with gifts from our sponsors

- a label for your clothing bag, in case you want to drop it off before the


- your rental Chip (in case you do not have your own)


6/ A T-shirt is not included with your race materials,

but of course, you can purchase an event or finisher T-shirt when you fill in your runer details in the participant list.

If you have pre-ordered a T-shirt (or any other merchandise), you will get that at the Expo too. In case you want to read more extensive FAQs you can do this here at the

homepage of the Berlin Marathon: https://www.bmw-berlin-marathon.com/en/your-registration/registration-information/general/



7/ When will you see your name on the official list at the SCC homepage


We are transferring the data to the official participant's list only in August in order to be able to accept name changes until then.




8/ What happens if I have to cancel?

We advise you to buy a travel cancellation insurance. In case you cannot participate, your insurance will cover all costs. As for all marathons, there is no free cancellation possible. Of course, we will help you and try to resell your space. 



9/ Is there somebody at the spot to help me?

Yes, during the days of Marathon we have a team, taking care of our runners and ensure that you have a great experience.


10/ Why can I not buy just a start number?

Due to the Berlin Marathon rules, we are only allowed to sell Marathon packages. There is no way around!