Groups are a growing trend

Group travel is with no doubt a growing trend. The size of the average tour group is becoming smaller and more customized meanwhile the number of this type of travel is steadily increasing. This is a great opportunity for you as a travel agency however it requires the right partnership in order to still make a profit as smaller groups usually means lower margin for you.

AT S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE we have the right partnerships that will allow you to make a profit while still having the opportunity to tailor each group request to the specific group’s individual wishes. We make sure this is done and that everything lives up to their expectations.

Here are a few more reasons to partner with us if you offer group travel:

1. We are your experts and trusted partner
Let S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE do the planning so that you can focus on your agency’s results. We are experts with more than 35 years experience and know how to get the best rates on hotels, discounts on entrance fees etc.

2. Our buying power is your strength
It’s a given that we are producing high volumes with our suppliers. At S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE we use this strength of large numbers to achieve good rates and conditions as well as "business safety". Our partners know we send groups all the time - and we do not ask for less than perfect rooms, service, catering and professionalism at all times. We are very proud of the great relationships we have with our vendors. A business is only thriving if all partners see an advantage. Many suppliers have been working with us for more than 25 years.

3. Avoid wasting time on unnecessary admin work
Instead, spend your time selling or creating new offers that will make a difference to your business’ bottom line. Let S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE take care of researching the group’s wishes and obtain offers from hotels, restaurants, transportation services, guides etc. We will do all the work and send you a complete offer, so that all you need to do is accept or decline.

4. Local backup
If the worst case scenario happens, our experts will be there to help. Just a small thing like a delayed plane could be a disaster if you have no local backup. Instead of making a last minute change by sending an email to all related suppliers (average number is 12 per group) you have to send only one, and continue working on your other important projects, while we take care of the issue. You will hear from your contact person at S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE if something needs your attention.

5. Conditions and filling your allotment
A high number of our customers say the conditions can be the make or break for a group. Of course we all want to be fair partners and particularly when we speak about booking 35 rooms in a hotel, we understand that the supplier needs to know on a certain point if the group is going to materialize or not. But we think that the suppliers also have to take into account that a lot of our business is happening on a short term basis. Last minute bookings are growing. We make sure you can realize last minute bookings to fill your allotment and optimize your yield calculation.

6. Booking and payment terms
Some of our competitors will ask you to pay a fee or make a down payment when you confirm the booking. They think by doing this they avoid "block bookings". We totally disagree. We believe this stops clients from making a booking. And this is exactly the opposite of what we want. The first payment is only due when the free cancellation deadline is due. We send a deposit invoice which you pay within the agreed time frame. The final invoice is not issued until the group has arrived at the destination and all last minute changes are known. This way we save important time and invoicing / controlling projects get much easier.

7. Programs - new tour ideas
It can be a challenge to stay on top of new trends and sightseeing possibilities within every single destination. We at S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE know our destinations in and out. Our local knowledge combined with close partnership vendors on each destination give you an advantage when it comes to always offering your client the latest and very best.