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Student Group

City Visit, Skiing Trip, or Special Interest Tour. Our special packages include everything you need to get the most out of a small budget. For schools and student groups, we have special accommodation agreements.

For over 39 years, S-E-T-T has been helping educators and directors take their students on customized, personalized tours Europe-wide. From exploring the history of Sigmund Freud in Vienna to lessons in art in Europe's cultural capitals, our student tours are all about getting an interactive, hands-on experience — all while having tons of fun!

Teachers can enjoy the benefits that S-E-T-T provides. When 21 students travel on a trip, the teacher travels for a minimum reduction of 50% or less (depending on destination/season). If the group is over 50 travelers, Teachers also receive a single room at no additional cost. Also, schools with several qualified student groups (in an agreed period) may earn up to a € 1,000 donation for their school.

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