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Oktoberfest Munich


21.09.2024 - 06.10.2024

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2* Package

2* Hotel, Table, Food & Beverages

Book up to 10x participants

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Combi Round Trip

Send us your Individual Request

Request up to 11 - 300x


* Package

3* Hotel, Table, Food & Beverages

Book up to 10x participants

Munich Group

Group Request

Send us your Group Request

Group requests of groups from 11 - 300x participants


4* Package

4* Hotel, Table, Food & Beverages

Book up to 10x participants


Discover the enchanting world of the Oktoberfest

What's included

  • Meet & Greet by our local host 

  • Walk over to the Oktoberfest with an explanation of the festival

  • Our host will guide you to your table and introduce you to the waitress

  • 1 x Table reservation in a beer tent (starting from approximately 12:00 until 15:00)

  • Choice of beer tents: Heinz Wurst & Hühner Braterei, Paulaner, Armbrustschützen, Löwenbräu, Hacker, Schützen

  • 1 x ½ chicken menu (or vegetarian option)

  • 2 x 1 liter (large) beer Maß

  • Ticket/voucher for the walk & hotel

  • Emergency hotline for any assistance during your visit to Oktoberfest

Since 1989 we have ensured our guests have a great experience on their Oktoberfest trip. 

Our experiences go beyond the E-book "All you have to know about Oktoberfest," which we wrote as a guideline on what and what not to do on the Wies'n. 

Many of our Oktoberfest customers have returned, and often a member of a student group comes back a few years later with his grown kids to show them what it means to be at the most fabulous party in the world.

When you are a group of over eight people (you will get your exclusive table), we can build a full program around your Oktoberfest visit, including Oktoberfest-Hotels or other Oktoberfest-accommodation. We are not only catering to the individuals Oktoberfest-enjoyers. We are also handling groups. Up to 300 participants!

Let us help you with our Oktoberfest know-how and get a personal quote.


Did you know? The BMW Berlin-Marathon  is at the same time as Octoberfest Festival

Combine your Trip

Oktoberfest E-Book

Oktoberfest - all you have to know!


Look up the most important information about the Oktoberfest

Click here to download

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