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Each of our tours can be combined with accommodation in one of our carefully selected 3-4 star hotels. Our hotels offer a comfortable and enjoyable experience, with amenities such as swimming pools, on-site restaurants, and convenient locations.

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Discover the stunning scenery and natural beauty of Lake Garda with our selection of
8 tours that cater to all interests and experience levels. Whether you're seeking a leisurely and easy-going experience or a more challenging adventure, we have something to suit your preferences.

Blue Tours are perfect for those looking for a relaxing and enjoyable experience. while our
Red Tours offer moderate activity.

For the more adventurous, our Black Tours provide a thrilling and exciting experience.


Explore the lake on a bike tour, hike through scenic trails, kayak through hidden coves, or soar through the sky on a paragliding tour. No matter what your interests are, our selection of tours will allow you to experience the best of Lake Garda.

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Different Bike Tours

Tour 1  (12).JPG

Tour 1

60 km pr. day - 450m altitude 

Peschiera - Borghetto - Castellaro Lagusella - Desenzano - Peschiera

Tour 4 (11).JPG

Tour 4

70 km pr. day - 800m altitude 

Peschiera - Desenzano - Soiano - Polpenazze - Mura - Cunettone - Salo - Maderno
Schiff von Maderno nach Torre del Benaco - Garda - Bardolino -Peschiera


Tour 7 (30).jpg

Tour 7

115 km pr. day - 2000m altitude  

Peschiera Torri del Benaco mit Schiff nach Maderno - Gargnano - Navazzo - Cappovalle – Passo San Rocco - Sanutario Rio Secco Cappovalle - Rifugio Passo Cavallino della Fobbia – Eno - Ceccino - Vobarno - Desenzano - Peschiera


Tour 2 (5).JPEG

Tour 2

80 km pr. day - 500m altitude 

Peschiera - Cola - Castelnuovo del Garda - San Giorgio in Salici - Santa Lucia - Custoza - Roverbella - Goito - Valeggio – Peschiera

Tour 5 (1).JPG

Tour 5