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1. Cooperation agreement, purpose of contract and placing of orders:
The contract between the client and S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE comes into force on confirmation of the cooperation agreement / contract. The general terms and conditions govern the cooperation with S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE, unless other provisions have been expressly agreed in writing.

2. Ineffectiveness and written form:
If one of these general terms and conditions should become ineffective or unworkable in whole or in part, or subsequently lose its legal effect, the validity of the remaining terms and conditions is not affected. Amendments and additions to the general terms and conditions must be in writing. Any plea relating to verbal amendment of contract will be expressly refused.

3. Retention of title and right of use:
All images and texts on the website, print media, tenders, all event designs, content and offers etc. are subject to copyright and are the property of
S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE. Even if event designs, ideas, the content of programmes and offers to the client are passed on with the offer, these remain the property of S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE. The rights of use do not extend beyond the contract. The client receives the service only and does not acquire the usage idea or the copyright. The programme, concept or proposal offered remains the property of S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE until the cooperation agreement has been signed and may only be executed in its form by S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE.

4. Fees and service prices:
Our service prices and the eventual calculation of an agency fee are in accordance with our price lists per our offer and enclosures. These prices are net amounts including local VAT. Details can be found on each offer given by S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE We reserve the right to amend prices in offers and tenders. All costs and charges of third party service providers (hotels, restaurants, transport companies, event providers, artists etc.) are passed on to the client in full in addition to any additional costs presented by third party providers at variance from the offer.

The client must also pay all additional expenditure and any special requirements in full. The total cost and gross invoice amount of all service providers is the basis for the calculation of charges. Prices in Euros or other currencies are based on the daily conversion rate in EUR. Charging and payment are always in Euro (EUR) on the corresponding date of issue of the invoice for the services in question.

We reserve the right to make adjustments in the case of exchange rate variations. Invoices become due for payment in accordance with the terms stated on the invoice or within 10 days.

5. Amendments to the number of participants and the resulting accounts payable:
The number of persons specified on the date of signature of the contract is binding for planning and execution purposes. If the agreed number of participants is not achieved, S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE may cancel individual activities and offers or make changes to programmes at short notice, whereby the customer bears the resultant additional costs.

The binding basis for the invoice is the number of participants as defined in the cancellation conditions for each reservation. In the case of amendments, changes and cancellation of services, e.g. supporting programme, transport, flights, hospitality, hotel rooms, partner companies, technology, entertainment etc., 100% of the corresponding costs incurred or accounts payable to service providers and partner companies will be invoiced to the client or customer, even if the invoice is issued after the presentation of the final account. See item 8 - cancellation and cancellation fees.

6. Changes in services, complaints, claims for compensation and abandonment during the event:
The client bears the full consequences of blameless impossibility of performance and happenstance. S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE expressly reserves the right to make changes to services, prices and programmes if necessary for compelling reasons (weather, accident, natural disaster, strike, overbooking, seasonal price increases, safety hazards, government measures etc.).

As a gesture of goodwill, we will make every effort to provide an equivalent replacement service; however we can give no guarantee of a replacement offer. Additional costs due to changes to services caused by the client or customer will be charged to the client or customer. Unless otherwise agreed, such changes do not qualify as important contract changes and do not give the client the right to withdraw from the agreement. Customers or participants who abandon an activity or leave an activity early have no right to compensation.

7. Pre-payments: 

Prepayments become due in accordance with our terms and conditions following signature of the cooperation agreement. In the case of recurring services the beginning of the overall service is definitive. The provision of the service may be suspended if prepayments are not received on time (see also item 11, Termination of the Cooperation Agreement). We require 100% prepayment before the event (if not agreed otherwise).

Unless otherwise agreed, the following terms apply: 20% of the estimated total amount as a deposit on closure of the contract Payment of an additional 30% of the estimated total amount 3 months before the event ( = 50 %)

Payment of an additional 40% of the estimated total amount 30 days before the event (= 90/ *100%) Remaining payment of 10% after the event for companies domiciled and having their invoice address in Europe.

The customer receives a final invoice after the event for the remaining payment of 10% or the total costs less prepayments. The prepayment terms of service providers are applicable if they demand higher prepayments.

​8. Cancellations and cancellation fees (if not agreed otherwise):In case of cancellation after the closure of the contract, costs incurred up to the cancellation date, such as *deposits for service providers, expenditure in accordance with our offers, invoices, costs, and claims of third-party service providers, etc., will be invoiced to the client.

Up to 90 days before the event date: *90% of the total amount From 60 days before the event date: *100% of the total amount * if not stated otherwise in the offer. If third-party service providers and cooperation partners have higher no-show, cancellation, or prepayment terms and conditions, these apply to canceled services in accordance with their respective general terms and conditions and invoicing policy.

We accept no credit, prepayment, or cancellation risk in respect of advance or retrospective accounts from third-party service providers. These are invoiced on to the client. We accept no liability for the selection of third-party service providers and their performance or nonperformance of a service, irrespective of whether or not such service providers are in direct or indirect cooperation with the client. Special events that require an entry ticket or a start permit can generally not be canceled. Here, however, it is possible for the customer to book a replacement person for a name change fee.

This replacement person then takes over the existing contract in full. If entry tickets or participation fees become invalid for any reason (cancelation, change of events - this does not affect the validity of other contracted services such as our fees, hotel reservations, transportation, entertainment, etc.)

In the event of cancellation by force majeure, S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE is released from all claims regarding the provision of services. In force majeure, S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE will try to get any payments from the service providers reimbursed in the customer's interests. In this case, S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE is entitled to reimbursement of the additional expenses incurred to enforce the claims. However, since S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE is only an intermediary, the customer has no claim to repayment. If the service provider refuses or delays a refund for whatever reason (legal uncertainty, bankruptcy, closure), S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE will also be released from compensation. 

Conditions for Marathon Packages:

All marathon tickets within the package are non-refundable once purchased. There will be no refunds processed for any cancellation requests, as per guidelines set forth by the marathon organizer.

Cancellation for Hotel Bookings: In any circumstances where a hotel room is included within the marathon package, the hotel reservation cannot be canceled under any condition. It's crucial to note that this stipulation is non-negotiable and strictly adhered to.

Replacement of Customers: If you are unable to attend the marathon and utilize the booked hotel room, you may nominate a replacement participant for your booking. In order to transfer your booking to the new participant, you will need to notify us ahead of time and provide all necessary details.

Fee for Transferring Reservations: Please note that transferring your booking to a new participant isn't complimentary. A fee equivalent to 10-20% of the original booking amount will be charged for changing the name and other details of the participant. This fee covers the administrative costs related to modifying the booking and the marathon package.

By making your booking, you agree to these cancellation terms and fees. Please carefully consider these policies before confirming your order.

9. Insurance:
Insurance is the responsibility of the client and his guests or participants. S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE does not insure c
lients and participants. The client or his guest/participant is independently responsible for taking out suitable accident and illness insurance (including sports accidents). Annulment, cancellation, and travel insurance are recommended.

The client or participant is responsible in cases of repatriation, medical care, accident, death, or illness and assumes the costs thereof (see item 10 Liability). In hotels, valuable objects must be kept in a safe. Any instructions given by S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE, its organs, employees, or sub-contractors, and third-party service providers must always be observed.

10. Liability:
Liability is excluded to the maximum extent permitted by the law, in particular in relation to slight negligence and including auxiliary persons and employees.

The selection of service providers presented by us is not to be understood as a recommendation – the client makes his own selection, whereby S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE accepts no liability for the selection of third-party service providers and their provision of or failure to provide services.

This applies, particularly in the case of sports, outdoor, adventure, and transport activities.
S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE acts as an intermediary for services and as a purchaser of products and supplies and not as a travel operator; the company is therefore excluded from the organizer’s liability and accepts no liability for claims for loss or damages.

Neither do we accept liability of care for vehicles, packing, valuables, etc. In the event of damage or loss or program flaws, liability is transferred in its entirety to the responsible service providers carrying out the activity.

The customer or client is responsible for visas, customs, health documents, export/import restrictions, and for compliance with national law. In regards to health regulations (such as COVID-19 or similar) the client and individual customer are fully responsible for following laws and restrictions and preparing health measurements such as tests, vaccination, etc. in good time, and following all requirements. Should the Guest or any party member arrive at the property/event for check-in in an intoxicated state, we reserve the right to deny access to the entire party. Should guests become intoxicated during their stay and cause property damage or disturb neighbors, they will be asked to leave the property immediately. S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE accepts no liability for any extra costs or should it be necessary to cancel the program due to delays, changes, or a limited number of participants, prevention, or bankruptcy of the third-party service provider. 

Our cancellation fees apply in this case (see item 8). In any case, compensation for damages is limited to the agreed contract amount.



11. Termination of the cooperation agreement:

The cooperation agreement is a fixed-term contract and may not ordinarily be terminated.

S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE has the right to withdraw from the contract if

a. The customer exceeds the payment deadline for payments and deposits by 14 days;

b. The customer or client negligently provides untruthful information about circumstances that render impossible or significantly impede the provision of services.

c. When the customer is making additional agreements with any of the mentioned suppliers or tries to set up side agreements without the written permission of S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE.

12. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction:
All legal relationships between S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE and the client are subject to the chosen destination´s law. Court of Law: Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

Updated: 01/05/2021

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