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Corporate Travel Management

What is travel management?


  • Easy to use cloud-based Online Travel Management Platform

  • SSL secured and personalized per staff member

  • Over 170.000 accommodations (hotels, apartments, villas & hostels)

  • Complete Flight data base booking tool

  • Transportation and Transfers

  • Restaurant Reservations

  • Locations for events and conferences

  • Group and Conference planning

  • Team building activities

  • Entertainment planning, Tickets (Sport, Culture)

  • Bookings, options, amendments, cancelations

  • Vouchers, Tickets, and other travel documents with your company's logo

  • invoices and booking overviews - easy export function

  • 100% control of expenses

  • bulk payments (not every booking has to be paid separately)

  • All payment variants (Bank transfer, credit cards, PayPal, Klarna)

Read in Our Planet how not to do it:

Our Planet
Clear hotel descriptions
Clear hotel descriptions

Clear Hotel descriptions with location, price levels and cancelation rules and full dynamic map integration

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Price range search
Price range search

Price range search finds accommodation within a pre defined price range

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One click bookings
One click bookings

Combine Flights, Hotels and other service with a mouse click

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  • Travel advisory (which travel product (hotels, flights, transportation is best for your purpose)

  • Back up for changes during your trip

  • Travel budget management

  • Support with Bookings, options, amendments, cancelations

  • Consulting for the implementation of a company travel policy

  • Staff Training

  • Cost monitoring, reporting, special agreements

  • Supplier Negotiations

  • Location finding 

  • Event and Conference - planning

  • Event and Conference - management including full-service technic + staging

  • Entertainment 

  • Organization of onsite inspections and reports for decision processes

  • Analysis and processing of travel expenses 

  • Connecting with local suppliers (e.g. fair & exhibition service, staff, translators)

  • Organization of company visits abroad

  • Guidelines for tipping and payment of extras

  • Pack lists & dress code recommendations

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