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Benefits for Conference Organizers


Harness the power of our innovative solution to streamline your conference organization tasks and optimize your service offering. With S-E-T-T Hub, the future of conference preparation is here.

Focus on Your Conference

Leave the accommodation details to our AI. With S-E-T-T Hub, organizing your conference just became a lot easier.

AI-Based Rate Search

Our focus is to find the best rates, freeing you to concentrate on equally critical elements

Bookable Allotments

Provide your clients with allotments in hotels close to your conference location, ensuring convenience and proximity.

Customer-Driven Bookings

Empower your clients to book their allotments, giving them the flexibility they need.

Auto Markup

With each booking, you earn revenue – ensuring a viable and profitable model

Flexible Dates

Let your clients arrange their stays in alignment with their convenient dates.

Choice of Room Types

Provide a variety of room types so each of your participants can find their perfect fit.

Risk-Free Bookings

Any unused rooms are automatically returned post the cancellation deadline, mitigating risk.

User-Friendly Software

Our software is easy to use, so you can get started right away.

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