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Benefits for DMC's


Incorporate the S-E-T-T Hub into your DMC operations today and let's journey toward unparalleled success, together.

Cutting-Edge Booking Opportunities

Lowest Available Rates: Empower your DMC with FIT rates that are below all other rate structures/conditions and ensure your market - competitiveness 

Availability Till Day of Arrival: Through our robust inventory management, rest assured of room availability until the day of arrival.

Group Bookings: Ease in managing and booking accommodations for groups of up to 30 rooms.

Seamless Integration

Back Office Solution: Seamlessly combine your existing back-office solutions with our platform for a smoother and more efficient operation.

1-Click Offer to Client: Send tailored and personalized offers to your clients with a single click, straight from our integrated system.

Branding and Customization

Neutral Hotel Descriptions: Feature your logo and branding in a neutral context using comprehensive GIATA hotel descriptions.

Booking Options: Opt between auto-release and auto-confirm booking methods, tailored to your needs.

Client and Customer Relationships

Predefined Margins: Create access for clients with predefined margins, perfect for maintaining long-term, productive relationships.

Service Customers Beyond Boundaries: Cater to your customers with bookings beyond your primary destination without incurring risks or time waste.

Total Transparency & Team friendliness

Team Booking Overview: Maintain complete transparency over your team's bookings with a centralized access point for all transactions.

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S-E-T-T Hub

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