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Benefits for Event Services


With S-E-T-T Hub, managing events becomes a breeze. Equip your workflow with our innovative software, designed to streamline all your event accommodation tasks.

Focus on Your Event

Shift your primary attention to event organization and entrust your accommodation tasks to our efficient system.

AI-Based Rate Search

We concentrate on procuring the best accommodation rates, so you focus on other significant aspects.

Bookable Allotments

Create allotments in convenient hotels near your event location for your clients, speakers, staff, etc.

Customer-Driven Bookings

Empower your clients, speakers, and staff to book their slots as per their needs.

Comprehensive Packages

Offer full packages combining hotel stays with different ticket categories for holistic event experience.

Auto Markup

Generate revenue with every booking, fostering a rewarding economic model.

Flexible Dates

Allow your clients, speakers, and staff the freedom to arrange their stay according to their convenience.

Range of Room Types

Cater to various preferences with a multitude of room types directly bookable.

Risk-Free Operations

Unused rooms are automatically returned after the cancellation deadline, mitigating risk.

Additional Services

Make use of our wide range of travel services, consisting of restaurant reservations, networking events, special transfers, and more.

Easy-to-Use Software

Our software's user-friendly interface ensures you can get started without any hitches.

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