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Benefits for Trade Show Fair Organizers


With S-E-T-T Hub, planning and managing trade show/fair accommodations just got easier. Experience robust organization with our resourceful platform at your disposal.

Center on Your Event

With our AI determining the best accommodation rates, you got the time to focus on the important aspects of the event.

High Availabilities

Benefit from our ability to secure a high number of accommodations even during peak seasons or event dates.

Bookable Allotments

Arrange accommodation allotments in nearby hotels for your build-up crews, clients, guests, and staff.

Customer-Centric Bookings

Allocate the power to your clients, guests, and staff to make their bookings according to their needs and comfort.

Auto Markup

With each booking, you earn – driving a sustainable revenue model.

Flexible Dates

Provide an option for clients to customize their stays with the dates they prefer.

Diverse Room Types

Cater to all by providing a wide variety of room types that are directly bookable.

Risk-Less Execution

Unused rooms are automatically taken back after the cancellation deadline, mitigating risks associated with unsold inventory.

Inclusive Services

Avail our exhaustive range of travel services that cover everything from conference room bookings, restaurant reservations, networking 

User-Friendly Software

Our software is designed with a comprehensible interface so initiating the process remains hassle-free.

Immediate Start

With our prompt software setup, you can get started right away.

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