Facts about business travel 

Studies show that an average business trip planning takes your staff 2.5 work hours - making the trips up to 35% more expensive. This is totally unnecessary. Let S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE do the job of planning so you can focus on results.

10 Reasons for letting an expert do the work:

1. Outsourcing free of charge
We get paid by the suppliers, not by you! This means your staff can focus on their role and leave the planning to our experts.

We want to break the good news right away. S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE doesn't charge you. Our fee (it's called a commission) is paid to us by the suppliers. You can relax, rest assured that our rates are better than the ones you or your staff will be able to get.

But even more important - working with S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE - you get what you want. Saying that, we are still surprised to hear how many companies never considered outsourcing this. Nobody would ever think about mowing the grass of your company’s lawn or cleaning the windows themselves. It is obvious that it makes sense to have experts taking care of these jobs instead of loosing important work time.

2. Ever participated in a fair, exhibition or any other event with your hotel on the other side of the city?
At many companies it is the assistant, secretary or a "voluntary travel manager" who has the honor of booking hotels without knowing them (and risking his credibility constantly).

When talking to new customers, we often hear stories about their past trips: hotels 2 hours away from the fairground (some German cities can be very tricky), several hotels with the same name (in big cities you can find up to 8 "Holiday Inns”, or after a full day of flights, trains and taxis, your group is arriving late at the hotel and there is no food & drink, and finally - the online description did not say anything about "no public transport".

Things like this can only be avoided by using experts with local knowledge. We spend lots of time sending our travel-product managers on so-called ‘educational trips’ where they visit all relevant hotels, restaurants, fairgrounds etc. in order to give you the best possible advice and make sure you get what you want.

3. What is the point?
There are frequent business travelers who manage to pay for their complete private family trips based on travel loyalty program systems. But you really have to know the best tips and tricks for collecting points. Because S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE lives and breathes points, we know the great perks which can come with working ‘smarter’. We can also advice about which program is best for you depending on your location, destinations and other travel habits.

4. Communication
We do not ask you to fill in pages of forms as we like to keep it simple. S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE's online travel communication is a smart form, which remembers all you have told us earlier on.

This means that after the first trip, your key data is there and you only change what has to be changed. This way we save valuable time and still get all the information we need to come up with a fast and good solution.

5. Travel expenses 
Every company that has employees traveling will have a travel expense policy - if not we can help here too, as we have sample policies which are easy to adapt and implement into your company.

S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE invoices you in total, meaning that for all services you book through us you will have (if you wish) on one single invoice. This again helps keeping things simple and reduce paperwork to a minimum. It also keeps your head free from thinking about credit card fees, exchange rates and similar hidden costs.

Have you ever lost a bill? That pain can be avoided. Depending on your internal system, we can also charge different parts to different departments. 

6. The chain reaction
A very simple thing which can be a pain, is the chain reaction - or the "result of a result". A simple example: your flight is delayed, meaning your airport transfer which shall bring you from the arrival airport to your hotel must be informed. But then you also have a meeting and a reservation in a restaurant.

How nice is it if all this is changed, done and settled in one go? And the fare package you should have picked up is brought to your hotel by a courier, to ensure they will let you into the fairground the next morning? S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE can do this for you.

7. Getting things done "on the fly"
You have this nice hotel booked and whilst checking in, you see some partners you would love to meet - and why not as the evening is free, you want to invite them out for dinner. Leave it to us to find the ideal restaurant, make a reservation and add the expenses to the master bill. 

8. Don't forget the fun
You want to combine your business trip with a private vacation. S-E-T-T WORLDWIDE FZE can do the planning and coordination. Is it to bring in your family or friends as well as to make sure you have your golf luggage or tickets for the opera, combined with a table in the city’s hottest restaurant?

Did you know that in case you would see a client as well, the whole trip (and not just the first part) is a business trip? Fully deductible.