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Benefits for Travel Agents


With S-E-T-T Hub, redefine the way you manage your hotel bookings and client interactions for an elevated, efficient, and empowered business process.

High-Speed, AI-Powered Rate Search - find the lowest rates for Agents

Our platform uses AI technology for rate searches, ensuring you get the most competitive prices from over 600 channel managers in real-time, thanks to our award-winning, advanced search engine.

Direct Hotel Name Search & Customizable Search Options

No more scrolling through endless lists; find hotels instantly just by typing their names in our search bar. Refine your search with custom parameters like hotel category, amenities, or meal plan

Blend of Map and List Search & Map-Based Address Entry

Our unique feature allows you to combine map search with list search, entering addresses, points of interest, and areas, ensuring you find accommodations just where you need them.

One-Click Direct Offers to Clients

Send personalized offers to clients with a single click, straight from our system. Showing only your name, logo, and contact details

Branded Online Offers

Create an online offer with your brand logo and an integrated map view, creating a professional and personalized experience.

Bookings Under Your Name

All hotel bookings are completed under your respective agency name, reinforcing trust and continuity with your clients.

User and Client Management

Manage all aspects of your user and client interactions through an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

White Label Solution

S-E-T-T Hub stands as a white-label solution that seamlessly integrates with your brand, maintaining your brand's prominence using your domain name.

Markup Management for Sub agents & Corporate Clients

Employ a markup management system for your corporate clientele, adjusting profitable markups to control your offered rates.

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What our clients think about
S-E-T-T Hub

Siv, Travel Agent

"The intuitive interface and helpful staff have been invaluable in managing bookings. With S-E-T-T Hub, we can efficiently track our bookings, making informed decisions about room allocation and maximizing profits. Overall, S-E-T-T Hub has been a game-changer for us at Sun Tours!"
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