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Back Story

An multinational brewery group based in the Netherlands is a main sponsor of the UEFA Champions League. A group of 1050 key customers, suppliers and staff members have been invited to participate and celebrate in this event. Our job was to organize the complete event as a full-service agency - delivering a holistic project under one roof.


  • Accommodation (15 hotels)

  • Meet & Greet (392 Arrivals & 644 departures)

  • Transportation (35 coaches, 44 Limos)

  • Dinner activities (32 restaurants + 84 artists)

  • Location scouting (we privatized the whole area of Montmartre including the funicular for an evening)

  • Event Planning

  • Event Management

  • Handling of all welcome desks (10 staff + 60 hostesses)

The slogan of the company at this time was "Go beyond". As the event happened in the very popular city of Paris the idea was to play with the slogan and show guests how to go beyond. An entire team worked for over a year to convince the owners of Houses in the very upscale area of Montmartre - which is normally a highlight for tourists - to open their private gardens for our guests.

So we could show them and host them in the secret Montmartre like watching your favourite band from "Backstage". We also reserved the restaurants in the main square so our guests could choose from several places. At each of these locations, we had activities like 3D Floor painting, Photo Workshop, Music, Dance, Food and Wine tastings and all kinds of artists showing their skills and involving the crowd.


Number of participants 1050 

Heineken Paris Case Study.jpg
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"Oliver delivered fantastic hospitality for Heineken International. For the Champions League Finals in 2004 (Gelsenkirchen) and 2005 (Istanbul) he and his team created memorable experiences for Heineken guests from 5 different continents, from consumers till boardlevel."

Arjen de Ruyter

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